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Trustee shares her smooth, successful auction experience

>The first decision Nancy Ragon made when she was put in charge of her mother’s trust was to wait.

“My mom was 90 years old and she was moving into an assisted living facility…I wanted to make sure she was totally happy living there,” explained Nancy.

Three months later – after ensuring her mother was happy and comfortable in her new home – Nancy started thinking about what to do with the brick bungalow her mother had lived in all her life. After some contemplation, the family decided it was time to sell the house.

That’s when a fellow book club member introduced her to KIKO and the selling options the company offered. Intrigued, Nancy scheduled an appointment with a KIKO associate.

“A representative from KIKO met me at my mother’s house and explained what my options were between auctioning and/or selling the house,” she said. “She was very kind, very polite and didn’t push me in any fashion or form. Just gave me all the details of what my choices were.

It Was Simple; It Just Worked.

For simplicity’s sake, Nancy chose to auction her mother’s house and household contents.

“This was going to be a home that probably needed more work than I wanted to put in it in order to sell it – and [KIKO] explained to me that I wouldn’t need to do anything,” Nancy continued. “I guess I just always assumed an auction was ‘you’re going to give away your house’. And I didn’t want to do that for my mom because it was her livelihood.”

But, to Nancy’s surprise, the auction process was very smooth.

“Every time I got nervous, I would call [KIKO Associate Anna VanDyke] and she would call me right back,” she said. “She held my hand the whole time. My sister and I took as much stuff out of the house as we needed. The young man that was in the house getting all the boxes out in the backyard was the most polite young man I’ve ever met.”

It Exceeded My Expectations

When auction day arrived, cars lined Orchard Hill Drive and people crowded in the yard.

“I got there at 5:00, I think it started at 5:30. I was told that by 7:00 we would be done. And lo and behold we were done,” Nancy shared. “It exceeded my expectations. We were afraid we were going to be giving my mom’s house away. And we did not do that, by a long shot.”

After her first auction experience, Nancy has advice for others unsure about the benefits of selling a house at auction.

“My advice would be that they should contact a KIKO agent and sit down with them. Let them explain the differences between an auction or a sale, and you make the decision yourself which way is better for you.”

The Details

Overview: KIKO sold a bungalow home and household property for the Eileen M. Conrad Revocable Trust in May 2016.

Key Benefits of the Auction Option:

  • Simple and easy – The property was sold in as-is condition
  • Timely – The home sold in one day
  • Results: The real estate sold for $92,400.

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